Chris Buehler

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A & M, and a Master’s degree in International Business Management from Thunderbird. Chris began his career in the aerospace/defense communications industry. In the 1990’s he transitioned into the commercial wireless communications industry with Andrew Corporation and Nortel Networks holding a variety of technical and business development roles. At Nortel, Chris was instrumental in introducing and expanding GSM technology into the North American, Asian, and European markets.

After several years abroad, Chris joined a Dallas-based startup developing innovative voice, data, and location-based applications for new mobile devices. Chris entered the technical services industry as a VP and General Manager for Flextronics’ North American Network Services group.  He later moved to Goodman Networks to spearhead the company’s aggressive growth into new service offerings, helping grow the firm to $125M in annual revenue.

In 2007 he co-founded EmFinders, an emergency locating solution for the recovery of critical missing persons such as wandering children with Autism or the elderly suffering from dementia. Under Chris’ leadership, EmFinders secured funding in 2008 and commercially launched its product in early 2010. He and his co-founder successfully sold their stake in the company in 2012 to a subsidiary of Liberty Media. Prior to co-founding Magnifects, Chris was the Chief Operating Officer of BridgeMetrics, and early stage marketing technology firm. Chris has co-authored four US patents in the fields of wireless and wearable technologies.

Terry Plunkett

Co-Founder and Vice President

Terry Plunkett is a life-long native of western Arkansas.  He started is career in commercial construction, but spent the majority of his career in the agricultural industry. He has built and managed sales teams for companies supporting every facet of livestock and poultry production, and he has owned a feed-producing mill. Beginning in 2005, Terry became interested in the application of magneto-hydrodynamic fluid conditioning for agricultural applications such as the treatment of propane, and the conditioning of feed water for livestock and poultry.

From 2009 to 2011, Terry worked with a long-time inventor and patent holder in the field of magnetic fluid treatment. Their work culminated in patent filings that form the basis of Magnifects’ intellectual property portfolio. Under Terry’s direction, prototype development of several variants of fluid conditioners was conducted prior to the formation of Magnifects. In addition to his efforts as a founder of Magnifects, Terry is also a cattle rancher.

Juan Reaves

Vice President

Juan Migual Reaves was born in Dallas, Texas. He then attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and graduated with a degree in Business and Communication in 1993. Upon graduation, he pursued a career in sports marketing and media with Streetball Partners in Dallas, Texas, Geneva, Switzerland and Rutherford, NJ. After more than six years, he left NJ and moved back to Dallas to work with his family’s barbeque business, Smokey John’s Barbeque. He remained at Smokey John’s until 2006, when he left to pursue his own business ventures with a real estate investment company and later as a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Park Cities. He currently supports strategic marketing for Magnificets and Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que.