The Beginning

Terry Plunkett and John Reaves were introduced to each other in 2005 while jointly promoting the application of magneto-hydrodynamic fluid treatment for a variety of markets such as diesel and gasoline engines.  They met long-time inventor Elmer Mason, who had researched the application of magnetic fields to treat fluids in a variety of industrial and consumer uses.

Mr. Mason and Mr. Plunkett cooperated in the testing and development of numerous fluid treatment systems for applications such as agricultural feed and waste-water, diesel fuel, gasoline, home heating oil, propane, and natural gas.

Patent Pending

Patent claims arising from this work were filed provisionally in 2009; non-provisional patent claims were filed in 2010.

In 2011 Mr. Mason passed away and Mr. Plunkett continued development work in his model shop honoring the agreement that existed between the two gentlemen. Carefully crafted prototype units were constructed to perform lab and customer testing for a variety of applications, most notably for diesel engines.

Guiding Principles

  • Manufacturing will be closely managed in collaboration with a group of local suppliers and partners in Dallas, Texas
  • Automate assembly and testing to control costs and support a robust production ramp
  • Focus initial product launches to address large and lucrative markets: diesel engines and heating oil-fired furnaces

Latest Update

Formation of PRB Dynamics, Inc.

In mid-2013, Terry Plunkett, John Reaves and Chris Buehler co-founded PRB Dynamics, Inc. They have since forged the partnerships necessary to complete the design and prepare to launch the manufacture of their products.  They also devoted substantial time and resources to the completion and continued adjudication of the patent work.  Future development efforts for other applications are planned once the first two products have been successfully launched and the firm has the financial resources to support larger on-going research and development programs.  Magnifects is the trade name for PRB Dynamics, Inc.