Product Overview

Overview of Magnifects Solutions

Magnifects has optimized the fuel conditioning unit design based on the fluids targeted for treatment. Magnifects offers to two distinct applications and markets for the treatment of:

  • Diesel fuel in commercial fleets
  • Heating oil for oil-burning furnaces
A properly installed Magnifects fuel-conditioning unit can provide efficiency gains up to 10% on average for diesel engines. This efficiency improvement for furnaces using standard heating oil can approach 15% on average. The economic benefits of this product are tremendous.


Patent-pending Technology

The spatial orientation of the magnets to the fuel flow are carefully maintained, which is not possible with externally fitted solutions.

  • Installation of Magnifects fuel conditioners must occur at specific points in the fuel flow
  • Only installed by qualified diesel or HVAC technician  
This prohibits any performance degradation due to incorrect or improper installation.  Also, this approach eliminates the possibility of a unit becoming dislodged around a fuel line, which is particularly important in the high-vibration environment of a diesel truck engine compartment.


Delivers Substantial Emission Reductions

As concerns for our environment increase, and governmental regulations restricting emissions from the combustion of hydrocarbons expand, every consumer and business cannot discount the importance of solutions that deliver substantial emission reductions.

  • The Magnifects units can reduce noxious emissions by up to 40% depending on the type of fuel combusted

Key Benefits

Tremendous Economic Benefits

A properly-installed Magnifects fuel conditioning unit can provide efficiency gains up to 10% for diesel engines.  This efficiency improvement can exceed 15% for furnaces using standard heating oil.  Based on industry averages of fuel consumption, prevailing fuel costs for Class 8 CMV and typical residential home heating oil customers ― expected annual savings for each are:

  • $4,400 for an average Class 8 CMV
  • $500 for an average residential HHO user